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Sunday, 24 October 2010

DARING?....Sugar plum?

Yes...i know odd title, but it will all become clear.

So i ask myself...why am i still up? i swear i love my sleep?.....which i do. But i just can't decide.

Ive been researching about 'ombre hair' which have been seen on 'Alexa Chung'...she seems to rock everything to perfection...and blogger 'llymlrs'....its real cute. BUT WILL IT WORK ON BLACK HAIR?!!!....god I'm going to experiment.

So.Red? or Chestnut?... I'm kinda shifting to chestnut brown because its such a natural ' oh shes such a sweetheart' colour. where as red screams ' THIS GIRLS A B.'

I don't mind being either.. or do i?

shoot. :(

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


" Would you like to help your Friend with this...."
" Did you bring a family member with you?"
" OMG, did you know that (me) and her sister have different dads?"

I have a problem, and that is the last example that TOTALLY peed me off. Now i have a sister, shes the first born, and I'm the second born. We both have the SAME , mummy and daddy. SO WHEN I TELL Y'ALL THAT WE ARE SISTERS WE ARE YAH!...better believe it, I'm just more coco and shes more caramel, both beautiful colours. So don't challenge me at what i do know and what you don't know.

*sigh* rant over. Do you have a sibling that doesn't look like you?

Saturday, 16 October 2010

I have a Confession..

Shopaholic? me? Puh-lease....i just ADORE fashion, and i feel the need to update my wardrobe. Yes..its jam packed, No...i cant bare the thought of throwing things away, so maybe ill give them to the nice Samaritan :). So , i did go to newlook today, i cant ever pass the shop, i HAVE to go in and snoop around. shame on you. So, me being me, i and my Friend headed straight for the SHOES!. Come on...its a must around this time of Autumn/winter...the smell of the leather and...*sigh*. Newlook are selling some great boots and shoes now for a reasonable price, and you cant complain because their shoes are the 'ish'..great quality.

Whats your favourite shoes/boots for the winter?

Pucker up luv.

Its been quite a while....

Its feel awfully odd posting on my blog again, as you can see i changed the header, nice?
So today's been quite productive, looking for a job (sad times) and looking for a new camera ( any suggestions) and trying on some winter booties preferably ones with heels in newlook.

So from now on I'm going to kick myself up the bum (te-he) to publish more posts.

Lemon tea + Company Mag = Relaxation.