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Thursday, 30 December 2010


My sister...i hardly really talk about her, but today she got some great stuff in the post so, i thought it would be a good idea to feature them in my blog, she says she wants to experiment on me with her new buys....i dont mind....ill just be chomping on the nice sweeties that wer sent as well....

how rare....but how nice.

heres her input:

I like this one lot ;). It's a 'tangle teaser' and it's a brush/comb. People usually rave the Denman brush for detangling (It's actually not bad). And since my hair is pretty much afro-like at the moment, it needs to be detangled- throughly. People have dubbed this the 'new Denman' so I thought, ok then :) I opened this and I looked in horror.... (So many little teeth >_<, argh! Broken hurrs....) Afro hair + small teeth on comb = ripping out hairballs.
But, I swallowed my fear, tried it out on a small piece of hair, hit NO snags and... no hair in the comb. Nada. *blink, blink*. It's a keeper ;)

I got mine from, because of free UK delivery :)

Ooh, P.S. I'm not sure if it's cause the delivery was late, (I'll give them slack- it was crimbo) or because I'm special to them (hopefully), but it came with sweeties in the parcel.. thank you kindly! ;)

Ahh... If you asked me two years ago if I would put eyeshadow on myself, I would have raised an eyebrow at you. Not sure why now, (I think it's cause of all the wonderful eyeshadow tutorials on youtube....) but I really like eyeshadow looks. However, my eyelids look like I dipped them in oil by midafternoon. Urban Decay Primer Potion. I guess most eyeshadow wearers know of this, and praise this, as one of the best eyeshadow primers. I've heard of problems with the shape of the bottle, but that's nothing a knife and spoon can't fix :)
Dehenhams, for 10 quid

... I really need make up brushes :(
I tried to deceive myself that I didn't need them, but if I'm gonna put blush and eyeshadow on, I guess it would look more neater with a brush? It's tiny and so cute and comes in a small case :)
It's Bare Minerals mini brush collection - (great site and UK based, I think?)

That's all really. Signing off -
Mide ^_^

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


first thing first wishing you all a merry Christmas, to those who do an don't celebrate it hope you had a lovely day in, and my Xmas was cooler than fuss, no hub-bub.

I guess we all looked forward to the end of this year, but really after xmas people do really get the 'hump'. I call is post Xmas depression. we all have to wait another year for this somewhat stressful time of the year.

:O. then comes the sales. I feel clever this year as i have planned what i need, and i have decided to wait after the 26th, sorry I'm not going to risk getting my toes mushed on.

I would love to hear your tell!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Not So Private Diary 18/12/10

Yet again it comes to the end of a stressful week, school are closed for the Xmas holidays, yet my collage is not. I guess the love to see our faces, despite the fact that they don't know us. individually.d So it finishes for me on Wednesday. OH YES..i haven't forgotten. the snow. :(. hate it.

My sister has also returned from uni so i couldn't wait to have a rumble in her luggage to see the new things she brought, and i could show her the things i brought. To be honest it does feel weird talking to someone else for a change and her coming to my room to wake me up in the morning. So today we decided to go out for some shopping, to make some Delicious recipes from her 2 student cook books. and i must say i am looking forward to some beef noodles, and Victoria sponge..maybe a little drink to soak it all up....preferably, Malibu mix with pineapple notch! how was your week?

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I licked it....

And i was Very disappointed.

Yes yes...i licked a candle because i couldn't believe how great it smelt.

On YouTube i do hear quite allot of people talking about these Yankee smanky candles.

:O. YANKEE SPANKY MY BUM. These candles are the bomb.

I popped in the shopping mall, to find my mother a birthday present, and i went into 'birthdays'
I hope allot of people have this shop, because i have no idea where else they do these candles, maybe john Lewis.

Anyway me being a sucker for vanilla sweet scents i picked up...

Vanilla Frosting

To describe it if you have ever brought Betty crockers vanilla frosting it is exactly like that.
This one costs £1.49, the larger ones are £11 or so. But last ages.

Do you like any particular candles if so let me know...I'm into them for some reason.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Not so private diary. 12/12/2010

Shoot, staying till the early hours, I totally forgot about this segment of my blog.

Well I must admit, i have missed a weeks worth of this, but I'm doing it now.

So as allot of people in the UK know, there is student riots, and yes come Thursday, it was voted that student fees will be £9000. sad times. AND NO EMA. double sad times.

Also snow has finally cleared up from that dreadful week. HURRAH!. but there's apparently more to come. 0_o..not cool.

I kinda feel like a news reporter. anyway, exams are coming up for me and mocks next week, so jam packed revision, and I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling the heat , but others in college are. Good luck guys and stay true to revision. But the question is....would i?. * looks shifty eyed*

Saturday I and my mother to a trip to Bluewater. It was so much fun, great things brought and that place it huge. I no longer like lakeside. But I'm wondering if Westfield is better.


I'm hyper this time of night..can you tell.?

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Yes. I mean what i say in the title. I am hibernating.

1) i refuse to detach myself from my oh so warm duvet

2) i hate.hate. early mornings so attendance is not so go this week

3) i come ALIVE in the night time.

I really do hate my routine, and its going to be a bummer to get out of it. i need someone to kick me out of bed ( not mother thank you) . As well as that damn snow. In places out of London it is so so bad, and London's just has a little dusting of it.

Well it makes it worst for me that I'm one of those areas outside London. BAM..that snow came and its not budging for so you have people slipping and sliding.

Doesn't it make you laugh how people trip up on ice and continue walking like nothing happened. i remember seeing a city guy going to work all crisp in his suit, serious looking he was not gonna let the snow get in the way of his power walking...silly bugger went and slipped.

Laugh about it people..ITS OKAY. just hope not to get sectioned.

jolly good!