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Friday, 18 March 2011

Food for thought.

i have thought about this for a couple of days now, and as random as it may seem, I'm going to talk about a comparison of 2 items of food.

Now for me and a couple of Friends i know, food is a huge part to mine, and their lives, you get the picky eaters, the ones who enjoy quality good hearty food or just dustbins.

Dustbins or garbage whatever your prefer to call it are the type of people eat absolutely EVERYTHING....even in your damn fridge. I. am in between the hearty food and a little bit of a dustbin at indulgence time.

So all in all..i like my food. Don't mess with me when i am hungry,i am angry. If your produce SHIT, i will give u a bollocking. ( well not really but i will moan).

Let me get into and compare my latest food cravings..
Shortbread. Originally from the Scots, is a buttery and crumbly hard, yet soft..biscuit? ahhh sprinkles with granulated sugar.....I shall compare the winners an the 'sort your self out' losers.


Marks and fail to disappoint me, with some tea or alone, it is incredibly rich and buttery with sweetness.

Tesco- also as surprisingly nice and rich.


Shame and utter shame, i expected more from mcvites, this is too dry not enough butteryness, no granulated sugar to sprinkle! Now in the ingredients I'm sure u need a pinch of salt but there is more than a pinch...oh deary me.

Thats actually it to be honest, if anyone know a good Scottish shortbread recipe..please let me know, i would be a very happy bunny. ( no pun intended)

Monday, 14 March 2011

All In Time

I've only discovered a really good remedy for myself,
mot people know this this, but if not a good way to release the mind is to write.

Me? i definitely prefer to write, which is wear all my emotions and thoughts go onto the plain a4, or a3....notepad...pc??? i don't know but writing suits me best :))

With me however its poetry, I'm OBVIOUSLY not a professional at her best work, but a bit of this and that...voila...i feel berrrrra.

Mine is mostly to do with everything, from inspirations, to dreams and fantasies, to experiences and emotions. I have done 4 so maybe someday along the line i shall make another blog, still keeping this one though. :)

have a nice day, i know i have.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mother nature? Climate change? and religion? -_- o'really?

So i reappear on blog..again. ( GOING OFF TOPIC)

Waking up in this early hours of the morning, just on the Internet, reading the news, now i don't know how long the japan earthquake has happened but i do however know about the New Zealand quake.

Me? im rarely very thoughtful about the news, but although informative, i manage to ignore it, as i prefer to worry about my own situation first, yes selfish me thank ya..but it did get me thinking.
I had a conversation with my dad not quite long ago and it went like this.

watching the charity adverts to support some cute, furry,mini animal that's supposedly going to become extinct.

dad: looks at this they want us to give money to those stupid animals.
me: yes....(cue point)
dad: im struggling enough, i might as well become my own charity!
me: theses animals are becoming extinct through ways such as climate change ( i defo wont be donating monehz for you)
dad: *pahaha laugh in face* who told you about that b.s
me: tv, scientist,science teacher??

cue lecture in
sod it...

dad: think about it this way, mother nature has been around for more than these scientist have been, so who are they to tell use what will happen to the earth in so and so time, think about ice age, the world defrosted (lol) eventually, mother nature took care of that, if there were a large amount of a population mother nature would take care of that, either by disease that will effect humans....

So i think you get what ol'pa is trying to say, in a way you can think of it that is sort of believable, then again reading comments from the articles online, some say

' it is a sign from god, that you all must believe in him if not..'
Your fucked. (y)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

A little help here.

Just wanted to do a quick blog post, i haven't been that committed, why oh why...I'm stressed.
So studying has become slightly easier for me, but then again i should speak to soon,as i am so sure that more is to come.

I stumbled upon a student friendly blog, or shall i say discussion room site, which is called' The Student Room'...I've used this since friday and i have found allot of help through it, so if your a student...uni student...just pop in and you can make an account.

ta'ra for blog later on in the week, and thank you new subscribers for bearing with my absence. : )

have a great week!