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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Not So Private Diary. 27/11/10

I reckon i might be doing this at least every week, just so people can get a 'snippet' of my:
  • Everyday life
  • Those oh so wonderful dramas.
  • and those day to day complete non-entity b*****
First entry and already a whole load of crap. This week has been very productive, although it comes to a point where I'm feeling very unsocial, which is not such a good thing. Its a hard decisions at this point of my life to juggle Friends, education as well as family. HA..long gone the relationships. I can't. Just cant. commit.

Any triers 'GIVE UP'. lets be Friends instead. hows about that?
Also how do you know if your not a good Friend? would a Friend tell you or would they keep quiet, therefore you go on not knowing.

People should understand that there is being:
  1. COMPLETE and utter mean
  2. Constructive Criticisms. <>
Whats your week been like?

Friday, 26 November 2010

'hey santa, have i told you how nice your beard be looking?'

I think just for Xmas, i might just leave 5 cans of Guinness and maybe some nuts if I'm feeling generous, just to sweeten Santa up a bit ( more like get him wasted). So you see, i really am in need of some nice Xmas presents this year...or else...*glare* 'imma kidnap Santa' :P.

These are a few things I'm dreaming of..


I don't even believe in Santa....what has my life come to :(.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Rock out

I don't know what is going on with blogger, but posting is a bit odd now.
Anyways this is my only and favourite statement t-shirt, that i brought from H&M around the summer time, you might still find it. I LOVE it because it is off the shoulder and edgy.

So its basically a rollingstones icon, i would love to be on one of there covers doing something CRAZY, but i still wonder why Britney has loads of covers from them. I don't mind johnny depp AT go'head do yo thing.

By the way the top was £10, and blazer £20...all H&M..
I NEED a job there asap!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hair and Face Products/Routine

So i want to start off with the most important thing of all.

A HUGE, thank you to my new followers, it means a huge deal to thank you!

As you all now it is technically winter..according to the weather man. Now i don't want to be abandoning this good hurrr of mine or my skin so 'amma' protect it..'yah get meh?'

Starting with my hair.
Normally i always either wear half head weave on ( which means i leave out the front of my hair) or extensions,but i find that my hair is happier with weaves.

So every week, normally a Sunday or a Saturday, because i prefer to leave a full day i do the following;

I prepoo (before shampoo) my hair with this hair oil, it has coconut, amla,lemon,henna etc, i have used this before but brought it recently and mahhnn the price has gone up were i buy it, so next time ill get it cheaper from paks cosmetics. So i just rub it allover my natural hair.

Then i plop a little of Castor oil on my scalp and ends of my hair, if you don't know Castor oil promotes hair growth and its is incredibly thick so you can mix it with other oils , i don't.

However every other week i would use this conditioner after the washing of the prepoo, and just wrap my hair up. Its a protein conditioner so if very frequent its not good,so u gotta balance it out.

If i have allot of build up on my hair i would use this shampoo, i mostly use is when i take out my weave on.

Normally i use this one as i do use heat on y hair 2 a week or so, and i do use it on my weave on which is Remy hair so i can do anything to it. The shampoo is not drying at all i believe, but then again i prepoo (:

This is what my hair looks like in conditioner, to those who think i relax my hair, which i don't, as i am a transitioner, i have been for about more than a year. Its tough, but way worth it!

For the conditioner i might use this if i feel my hair is itchy 0r has 'THE FLAKES'
But to be honest i can budget for this bottle all the time at £6 or so...hmmph!

But normally it has to be this, which i use on both my weave and hair, which smell great and feel creamy, and makes my hair feel sooo much manageable.

After all of that jazz, i don't dry my hair, i leave it wet and add my heat protectant(tresemme), and mango and olive moisturizer(elasta qp)then blow dry.

Sorry so long :)

Now for the FACE.

I have changed up my routine because i finished all my last products. So now i have gone back to what i used to use ages ago which worked for me.

Pronounced 'du du oh soon'. Yes so many pronouced it wrong, but if your african you might know your grandmother or maybe your mother to use this. This is ancinct wives traditon, i guess this is there all rounder soap, used for hair, skin, body. Used to treat skin and hair conditones.
But i only use it on my face no other, in britan more beauty supplly stores have been selling it. I used to get ut for 50P UNTIL....some punk had to go and up the price to £1.70. not feeling it.

So great soap, leaves my skin feeling looking nice, but it is a must to use a rich moisteriser, and your good to go. Its got all sort of natural ingreadients, Palm oil, lemon, aloe vera, plantian ash,coco ash, shea.

Ive limited this to using it once a day.

I also use the castor oil yet again, after washing my face whist wet to lock in the moisture, i rub it all over, like a mini facial, take a warm flannel and let the heat penetrate then wipe off..ahhh you will notice a diffence. Plus its good on your lashes and brows.

Then finally a toner that contains no nasty alchol, leaves my skin smooth ready for moisturiser, i like it allot, more than my simple toner i used a while ago.

This was very long , but i had to get it all in there.
What are you guys using?

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Urm...hi there...please go.kthxbye.

I do not need this at the moment.
I swear you like to come when the going get tough.
Do me a favour and do one.

Excuse my little rant, but you see i have this silly cold, that decided to creep on me day before yesterday. It bugs me that i don't have no holidays where i can sleep it off. OH NO ..i have to go to college.

Ive been drinking some lemon and ginger...which it HATE. I might need some vitamin c though..hmmm i wonder if berocca would help.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Hold on a min !

Har har har, because holding your breast's is HILARIOUS!
So the Essex Show, please i know this is not how the Essex people are like at all, its seemed to make people think that they are self obsessed,illiterate and hungry for fame. EXCEPTION of Nana Pat of course. bless.

There's only one reason i watch it, is for the humour of it and just to see how people like to live there lives out, not that there's anything wrong with it, same reason why i watch the Katie price and Peter Andre shows.

But really Kudos to Jack Tweed for creating these non-entities, because seriously their just famous for no damn reason.

So 'sha up' im not 'jel', and the 'vajazzle' is quite pointless 'ent it'.


Bloody 'ELL!

I.AM.SO.TIERD. to much revision to do,college life is a bum,and Ema is pants, so i don't see no dosh!...(y) nice. Any who what makes me happy at the moment is nail varnishes, since hands are always on show it makes your hands look feminine. Plus its a boredom breaker when your in class to peel off....such a bad habit but oh wells. So the colour I'm into at the moment is 'dusky mauve' i say 'dusky ma-wah-ve' yup! i like the fact that is gives of different shades in different lighting, sometimes looks purple, then gray, then mushroom-ish?
Oh yes by Barry M.


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Midnight 'Munch'

I don't know what it is about eating at midnight, but for me it makes me feel all warm inside like I've accomplished something.

Think Nigella Lawson always going back to that godforsaken fridge and rummaging up some good munch. She makes it seem so sexy....MEN AVERT YOUR EYES. We all know why the men watch her.

To top it off a good book and a cup of tea does it for me. I just started reading this book yesterday night , i didn't think id 'dig' it but its totally addictive. (thanks dad (y) ).

Need Some ZOOMAGE.!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Dry Scaly Skin is a no no!

I have some free time on my hands at the moment. Since it is getting closer to winter, avoiding dry skin is a must. So going from the warm indoors to the cold out doors affects your skin.

So meet your good Friend.Moisture.

There is allot of Moisturisers out on the market at this the moment, and getting the right it vital. So here's a few good ones to invest in!

Garnier Hydralock

This is a GREAT moisturiser, I'm glad i found it, or else my skin would have been dead dry. A thick yet rich cream which easily absorbs into the skin. It doesn't have such an overpowering fragrance either.

Botanics Body Oil

This soothes and moisturises the skin, containing bermonte and jojoba its great to use once you step out of the bath. Only purchased in boots of course. I reckon its an all rounder, use it for massaging into your face, like a hot cloth method, or massaging the cuticle.
Price: £5

E45 Endless Moisture

Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized, its also kind to the skin as E45 is known to treat sensitive skin and skin problems. I have used it before to treat dry skin and eczema and it truly works well.
Price: £5 and upwards.

Body Shop Olive Oil Body Butter

Olive oil has to be one of the kindest fruits to the skin, the butter doesn't smell so strong, its subtle and smooth on the skin and absorbs well. However not like all body shop butters some don't sink in and have a layer of oil.
Price: £6-£8

Invest this winter!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Nom Nom Nom ^.^

So i havent been blogging for quite some i have nothing to blog about yet.

I have 'bloggers block'...for now. So im just going to talk about something quite pointless..but yummmy!

This evening i decided to have something different to eat so..i decided to nip into the freezer and create a lovley healthy meal*. So my meal for tonight was....

Fishcakes, oven chips, eggs and tomato salad. =)
Yes, i munched that 'ish' up. And this also gives me an idea to blog about my cooking!!...bloggers block abolished. *pat on the back*

Some people prefer deep fat fried high cholesterol dripping with oil disgustingly unhealthy early grave food. ON A CONSTANT BASIS. I hate people like that. HEALTHY FOOD IS A MUST PEOPLE, healthy food not only is good for health it has an impact on your emotions. So the oven and grill is my good ol' friend.