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Friday, 5 November 2010

Dry Scaly Skin is a no no!

I have some free time on my hands at the moment. Since it is getting closer to winter, avoiding dry skin is a must. So going from the warm indoors to the cold out doors affects your skin.

So meet your good Friend.Moisture.

There is allot of Moisturisers out on the market at this the moment, and getting the right it vital. So here's a few good ones to invest in!

Garnier Hydralock

This is a GREAT moisturiser, I'm glad i found it, or else my skin would have been dead dry. A thick yet rich cream which easily absorbs into the skin. It doesn't have such an overpowering fragrance either.

Botanics Body Oil

This soothes and moisturises the skin, containing bermonte and jojoba its great to use once you step out of the bath. Only purchased in boots of course. I reckon its an all rounder, use it for massaging into your face, like a hot cloth method, or massaging the cuticle.
Price: £5

E45 Endless Moisture

Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized, its also kind to the skin as E45 is known to treat sensitive skin and skin problems. I have used it before to treat dry skin and eczema and it truly works well.
Price: £5 and upwards.

Body Shop Olive Oil Body Butter

Olive oil has to be one of the kindest fruits to the skin, the butter doesn't smell so strong, its subtle and smooth on the skin and absorbs well. However not like all body shop butters some don't sink in and have a layer of oil.
Price: £6-£8

Invest this winter!


  1. i like! im gna do a similar one but on face mostly!

  2. give me some credit for the first mosisturizer!
    mide xxx