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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Not so private diary. 12/12/2010

Shoot, staying till the early hours, I totally forgot about this segment of my blog.

Well I must admit, i have missed a weeks worth of this, but I'm doing it now.

So as allot of people in the UK know, there is student riots, and yes come Thursday, it was voted that student fees will be £9000. sad times. AND NO EMA. double sad times.

Also snow has finally cleared up from that dreadful week. HURRAH!. but there's apparently more to come. 0_o..not cool.

I kinda feel like a news reporter. anyway, exams are coming up for me and mocks next week, so jam packed revision, and I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling the heat , but others in college are. Good luck guys and stay true to revision. But the question is....would i?. * looks shifty eyed*

Saturday I and my mother to a trip to Bluewater. It was so much fun, great things brought and that place it huge. I no longer like lakeside. But I'm wondering if Westfield is better.


I'm hyper this time of night..can you tell.?


  1. Bluewater is sooooooo busy this time of year! Never been to westfield sorry!

    By the way, im now your 10th follower! Woohoo :) x

  2. lol...You made me laugh..and thanks so means the world to me.x

  3. I've been to westfield once and its fab quite expensive though, never been to bluewater though although I really want to, but as I live in yorkshire it's like 3hrs away from down south! We have no really good shopping centres over here its sooooo annoying!

  4. wow...that's far...thank god for on-line shopping. :P...but in bluewater *whispers* 'there's no primark' :O.